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Nitator Stainless Steel is a one-stop-shop. We build parts or complete equipment from your own drawings,
or we can help you with the design to optimize function, productivity and cost.
You can ask us about welding, and we will help you  deciding the optimal welding procedures for your product.
We have a long and genuine tradition in building good relations to provide top quality products.


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Food industry applications

Stainless steel is the material of choice for food processing applications. We have a long experience with providing various types of equipment for the food industry, and we have over the years developed a deep understanding of the requirements within this industry when handling food products. Our specialty is the manufacturing of cryogenic freezers.

Stainless steel pools

A stainless steel pool provides an exclusive and luxurious feeling, while avoiding the maintenance issues that are associated with other materials. We manufacture and install pools for public swimming halls, recreational applications and rehabilitation – each pool designed, just to your needs. Get more information on invarmex.se

Nuclear industry equipment

Nitator Stainless Steel has for several years been supplying specialized equipment to the nuclear industry. Our highly skilled team is used to the high requirements for the manufacturing and documentation of this type of equipment. We understand the importance of supplying correct quality and trustworthy delivery schedules.