Design & Development

We help you with the entire process from concept to function tested and documented product.  Our project managers have many years of experience in product development and project management as well as simple and complex applications projects.

Complete Manufacturing

We have one of the largest workshops in Sweden, working exclusively in stainless steel. Our inhouse sheet metal fabrication includes waterjet and laser cutting, bending and rolling , qualified licence welding according to ISO 3834-2 and EN 287-2, as well as a variety of surface treatments.

Assembly & Testing

Small or large units do not matter – our assembly team can perform mechanical, electrical and pneumatic assembly of any size equipment. We perform prototype tests, pilot runs and FAT. You will receive a turn-key product, tested and CE-marked, including documentation.

Service & Support

Globally, we can provide assistance during the installation of your equipment or why not let us take care of the entire installation process. You can rely on us for professional scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, if required. We can keep a stock of all your necessary parts, made available from our extensive spare parts webshop.

Meet our Company – 100 years old!

Nitator Stainless Steel is a family owned company, celebrating 100 years in business 2020. The company was founded in 1920 by Elmer & Nils Norström and was one of the first in Sweden to manufacture products in stainless steel – a material we have been focusing on ever since. We can offer design, manufacturing, assembly and installation & service of equipment according to our customer’s requirements – all in stainless steel.


We are located in Helsingborg – strategically placed in the south of Sweden, with excellent communications for Swedish and International visitors, less than 1 hour away from Copenhagen international airport.


Our facility is also one of the largest in the world for the the design and manufacturing of cryogenic freezers, with cutting edge expertise in cryogenic applications.

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Our clients

Food industry applications

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Stainless steel pools

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Nuclear industry equipment

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Nitator Stainless Steel is in an ongoing growth phase right now with an incredibly
exciting future when it comes to developing well-engineered solutions in stainless steel.
With over 100 years in the industry, we can offer our customers cutting-edge expertise
and experience with a focus on finding the best solutions.


For the future, we have a strong conviction in practicing and promoting sustainability
for a better world. We have therefore set off on our sustainability journey with a promise
to do our utmost to contribute to and inspire a more sustainable commitment.
Just as we were pioneers in the processing of stainless steel, we want to be pioneers for a
greener society.


Mattias Fernström,
CEO of Nitator Stainless Steel

Our values

PASSION –  We are committed, determined and dedicated. With a positive attitude, we drive our development forward and find solutions.


PEOPLE – We strive to provide an engaging work environment that is ethical, diverse, and inclusive.


RESULT – By taking the initiative, we achieve the targets that create value for the customer. We create the best value for all parties through cooperation and participation.

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